Get FREE and Personalized Medicare Quotes!

Get FREE and Personalized Medicare Quotes!

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Everything You
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About Medicare

Are my out-of-pocket expenses capped in Medicare?

No, not in Original Medicare. You can purchase a Medigap (Medicare supplement) plan to help with those costs, however. Alternatively, under Medicare Advantage plans, there is an annual cap on how much you can spend out of pocket.

How can I get dental and vision coverage through Medicare?

Original Medicare does not cover vision or dental; however, some Medicare Advantage plans do cover these services. Browse Medicare Advantage plans and get a free quote on a plan that will offer you more coverage all under one plan.

What healthcare services are not covered by Medicare?

Original Medicare does not cover long-term care, dental, vision, hearing, foreign travel, prescription drugs, and alternative medicine practices. Some Medicare Advantage plans do cover vision and dental – get your free consultation to find out.

What is Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage?

Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage. You can get Part D coverage from a stand-alone Part D plan, or a Medicare Advantage Plan that includes Part D. Each plan has its own formulary, or list of covered drugs. Compare plans to see which covers your prescriptions.

How are Medicare Advantage plans different from Original Medicare?

Medicare Advantage is simply Medicare coverage provided by a private insurance company that is approved by Medicare. Some plans offer extra benefits such as dental, vision, fitness, meal delivery, adult day care, transportation to the doctor, or prescription drug coverage.

How can I get a free Medicare plan consultation?

Simply give us a call and get your free Medicare consultation. You will discover plans from top insurance carriers that cover your healthcare needs on your budget. See the best available plans in your area and upgrade your health coverage today.